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The latest message from Cosmic Sai Baba was given on 2 December 2014, in Moss Vale.

In August 2013, prior to the normal transmission, Cosmic Sai Baba also gave a meditation, which you can read and listen to on this page.

A summary of transmissions by Cosmic Sai Baba about the 4th dimension and changes has been made available. You may read Understanding the 4th Dimension.

At the prompting of Cosmic Sai Baba, transmissions are now available as a single E-book for each year's set of messages and teachings. You can download the E-books on this page

The story of the photo on the (lower part of the) front page of this website, and a full size download, are available on this page

In order that you might understand how these messages are given, there is a video on the page for the message for 22 September 2008.

In many of these messages you will see ... and ... between the words. The Cosmic Sai Baba often pauses for a time when speaking. So we try to convey these ... pauses ... by indicating where this happens using the ellipsis or series of dots.

A special photo was given by Cosmic Sai Baba on 9.9.09 ... you can read the story and view these pictures here.

Some transmissions on this site have an audio recording of the Angels. You may read and listen to an Archangel transmission (which includes Archangel Mikhael and Archangel Maria on this page. There is also a two part transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba - and then - Mother Mary. You may read and listen to this transmission here.

A page has been added with images of the Cosmic Sai walking out of the picture frame. You can view this and the small story, here.

Valerie Barrow also has a personal website, which you can visit here
- be sure not to miss the articles about the Blessed Alcheringa Crystal and the Blessed Spring Water.

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We are looking for helpers to work with us and deliver the Cosmic Sai Baba messages on this site for readers in other languages. If you would like to help the Cosmic Sai Baba in this manner, then drop us a line on our Contact Page. Please note that we do not give payment for this service from the heart.

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